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Solar leads for your solar energy

You’re a solar energy company and most likely in growth mode or getting tired of not having a reliable source of solar panel leads which are consistent and quality .

Its very hard now days to find reliable partners and we get this more than most , and that’s why we invest such a huge amount of time into building and sustaining all the solar energy firms we have on our books .

We are now in a great position where we rarely loose a solar company who purchases solar leads from us .

Why our solar leads retain clients ?

Well its starts with the fact that all our solar panel leads are voice qualified, compliance checked and openly asked if they have a genuine interest in speaking with the solar expert about reducing their energy bills . We also work closely with every new client to make sure they are following the proven processes of converting the highest amount of leads into bookings and then sales .

Not to forget we don’t charge per lead so no need for requesting a replacement lead etc which we explain more further down .

Our Flow ?

We are specialist in generating the highest quality solar leads and always work with clients in every way possible to make sure they stay with us for the long term .

solar panel leads

So after each solar energy leads are generates , qualified and compliance checked , they get instantly uploaded to our crm where all your solar leads can be accessed .

You can login anytime you wish but all leads will be sent direct to any email addresses you nominate too !


Our pricing is one powerful and unique structure as we no longer charge per solar lead or appointment . We simply take into account our margin where we have to of course make a profit and then all those resources are assigned to your campaign where by you will receive all the solar leads we can possible generate for you each week .  Just to make you aware our weekly budgets from an average solar firm would start from around 1-2k per week which gives you a very steady flow of daily appointments to follow up . A lot of our solar clients are making a very healthy return on their investment into our solar lead generation campaigns .

Solar leads contracts ?

Easy answer is NO  ! We don’t ask for any time related contracts as we simply don’t need to nor want to tie anyone in who its not working for . You pay is weekly and you can test us for 1 week as we are very sure that as long as you have a polished sales team then you can also become a long term partner of ours on our voice qualified solar panel leads .