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Hannah Cowell IFA

Hannah Cowell IFA

3 Sage Drive, Woodville , Swadlincote , DE11 7JX 07870 898474

I've got over 29 years of expertise in working within the financial services sector, initially for Alliance and Leicester, which then turned Santander. I used to be based mostly inside varied native b...

Vickers Young Ltd

Vickers Young Ltd

5 Frank Bodicote Way , Swadlincote , DE11 8JX 07920 066174

Utilizing extremely educated mortgage and protection consultants, we analyze your present place, talk about all areas of your circumstances to supply an efficient plan for now and the long run. We ...

Mortgage Advice Bureau

Mortgage Advice Bureau

23A West St , Swadlincote , DE11 9DG 01283 817827

We are local mortgage brokers in Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas. Our expert mortgage advisers are here to make the process as simple as possible, whether you are a first time buyer, remortgaging...

Amber Tree

Amber Tree

47 Merlin Way, Woodville , Swadlincote , DE11 7QU 07747 866176

My intention is that will help you make good choices about your cash – offering clear data that will help you obtain your financial objectives. I'm a part of 2plan wealth administration which is ...

Mortgage Options

Mortgage Options

5 Frank Bodicote Way , Swadlincote , DE11 8JX 0800 028 4040


Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society

The Delph Centre Market Place , Swadlincote , DE11 9DA 0800 554 1967

As a mutual, we’re owned by, and run for, the good thing about our members* – which means we’re free to reinvest extra of our income into enhancing services. Final year alone, we paid again half...



52 High St , Swadlincote , DE11 8HS 0800 912 3123

Santander provide a wide range of banking services, from current and savings accounts to loans, credit cards and mortgages....

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank

59 High St , Swadlincote , DE11 8JA 0345 602 1997

Lloyds Bank is proud to serve the people, businesses and communities of Britain. Lloyds Bank is one of the UK’s leading retail and commercial banks, with high-street branches, award-winning online, ...

Great British Finance Ltd

Great British Finance Ltd

19 High St , Swadlincote , DE11 8JE 01283 819599


Barclays Bank plc

Barclays Bank plc

18 Midland Rd , Swadlincote , DE11 0AL 0345 734 5345

Barclays Bank PLC is a high street bank with branches throughout the UK. They offer many services including personal banking, loans and advice when purchasing a home or a car....

If you are looking for mortgage brokers in Swadlincote, then you are in the right place. We are an online directory of mortgage brokers in the United Kingdom brokers who will assist you with the complete process of credit and mortgage in Swadlincote.

All the mortgage brokers in Swadlincote available on our directory are fully authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority. They will offer complete mortgage in Swadlincote solutions including mortgage in Swadlincote advice, protection advice, and all other mortgage-related financial services. You can filter your search as per your occupation too. It does not matter if you are self-employed, employed or business owner, you can search for a broker with the needed expertise.

Getting a mortgage in Swadlincote is one of the riskiest financial decisions of your life if not executed with prudence. It involves huge risks added with complex terms and conditions. Hence, it is important to get it done the right way. For a first time buyer, it is even more complicated.

The following guide will help you ascertain if you should get a mortgage in Swadlincote advisor when to seek advice, where to get free mortgage in Swadlincote advice, how your bank might be able to help, and which comparison websites you can check.

How to choose the right mortgage in Swadlincote?

Mortgage in Swadlincote advice: Yes or no?

Risks of not getting mortgage in Swadlincote advice.
Speak to your bank and people you know
When to approach a mortgage in Swadlincote adviser
Browse through different websites
Factors to be considered before choosing a mortgage in Swadlincote

How to choose the right mortgage in Swadlincote?

The mortgage in Swadlincote market is incredibly competitive and fluctuating at the same time. With so many different products and options available from various providers, it gets quite difficult to come to a decision while selecting the best option for you. If you are among first-time buyers, everything is sure to go over your head.

However, there is no need to panic. The best and first is to approach your bank as well as a few independent mortgage in Swadlincote advisors, to see what they have to offer. These initial discussions will give an idea of what the market is currently offering, how it all works, and which are the options that could serve your best. They will also help you learn about the different mortgage in Swadlincote and protection features.

Given below is a guide that will navigate you through all the steps to help you study your options carefully before making a final decision.

Mortgage in Swadlincote advice: Yes or no?

It is always a good idea to get in touch with an advisor.

The Financial Conduct Authority of UK mandates every Lender (banks and financial institutions) and mortgage broker in Swadlincote to offer advice before recommending any mortgage for you.

Before giving out any suggestions, they will assess the level of mortgage in Swadlincote repayments you will be able to afford by analyzing your total income, debt consolidation, and day-to-day spending. They will do the required calculation and adjustment to determine the amount of mortgage in Swadlincote credit that suits your needs and financial capabilities to be able to keep up repayments on time.

Is it mandatory to go with your broker’s advice?

It is not mandatory to choose what your lender or broker suggests to you. You can select your deal as per your independent research and study too. Taking advice will definitely help you gain clear insights into all the aspects of the terms and conditions of the credit. It will provide you with the requisite answers you are seeking to select the best mortgage in Swadlincote for you.

When you choose your own mortgage in Swadlincote without seeking any kind of financial advice it’s termed as an “execution-only” application.

Risks of not getting mortgage in Swadlincote advice

It is an act of prudence to do your homework before availing of any financial services from your mortgage broker in Swadlincote. So, gather your financial information before you talk to lenders or brokers. the list of details that need to be ascertained is given as under:

If you are employed, then have your P60 forms (last 2 years) and last three payslips ready with you.
For self-employed people, have your tax returns duly certified by an accountant or professional adviser
Source of income: Take into account your income from all sources including regular, irregular, investments, and speculative income.

Evidence of daily expenses
Evidence of debts
You future affordability: This checks how you would be able to afford if there is an increase in the interest rate in the future
If you avail of a mortgage on the advice of your mortgage broker in Swadlincote, which turns out to be unsuitable for you later on, then you’ll have more rights when you make a complaint. You will enjoy the right to make a complaint of financial mis-selling if the advice you were given turned out to be unsuitable for you.

However, if you do not take any advice from your mortgage in Swadlincote advisor and go for it based on your independent research, you have to take full responsibility for your mortgage in Swadlincote decision if the same turns out to be unsuitable in the future.

Consequences of nontaking mortgage in Swadlincote advice:

If you end up with the wrong mortgage, you won’t enjoy any right to make a complaint of mis-spelling. your mortgage in Swadlincote will turn into bad credit and it will prove to be a financial disaster for you.
You might be rejected by your lender for selecting a mortgage in Swadlincote, which is not suitable as per your financial capabilities.
Hence, taking a decision after availing advice from your mortgage in Swadlincote advisors is the best choice especially for a first-time buyer if you want to avoid bad credit later on.

Speak to your bank and people you know

Speaking to your banks is always a good starting point because they know your financial situation inside out. They will always advise you with the best commercial mortgages to go for depending on your needs. They do not charge any fee for their advice as it is a part of their customer service.

You can also talk to their friend and colleagues to learn about their mortgages. They can brief you on the terms and conditions. You can see how their products stack up against the competition before making a final choice.

When to approach a mortgage in Swadlincote adviser?

A mortgage broker in Swadlincote or advisor is a specialist in mortgages in Swadlincote and possess in-depth knowledge of the market. They have the expertise and experience to study a wide range of mortgage in Swadlincote products before suggesting the best option.

It’s a good idea to speak to a few of them to know about the offers prevailing in the market.

There are three main types of mortgage in Swadlincote advisors in the market:

Advisors tied to a specific lender: They would provide you with mortgage in Swadlincote advice and deals from a specific lender only. they will not look at a wide range of options for you. They generally provide free mortgage in Swadlincote advice.
Tied to a limited list of lenders: As compared to a specific one, they would offer you financial solutions from a set of few lenders.
Not specific to any lender: They would look at various products from the whole market and provide you with a wide range of options based on your individual needs.
Advantages of using an advisor:
They’ll advise you based on your financial capability to make repayments on your mortgage in Swadlincote, thus ensuring income protection.
They can offer you attractive deals and offers, which are otherwise not available if you search for a mortgage in Swadlincote independently.
They will assist you with the paperwork, help you understand all the terms and conditions properly. Your applications get processed and approved faster.
They’ll help you take all the costs and features of the mortgage in Swadlincote into account, beyond the interest rate.
They should only recommend a mortgage in Swadlincote that is suitable for you and will tell you which ones you’re likely to get
You will enjoy protection in the future if the mortgage in Swadlincote proves unsuitable to you.
Finding a mortgage in Swadlincote advisor

Following are some of the top websites for finding details about mortgage in Swadlincote advisors in Swadlincote and other parts of the UK

Fees and charges

The fees and charges of a Mortgage in Swadlincote advisor will depend on the type of financial solutions and services you avail of. It also depends on the type of product you choose and the value of the mortgage in Swadlincote.

Some lender specific advisors may provide free advisory services because they receive a commission from their lenders on approved deals.

They will tell you the amount of fee they will charge and there won’t be in any hidden cost.

Once your broker makes a product recommendation they must give you a mortgage in Swadlincote illustration document(s). This document outlines the terms and conditions of the mortgage in Swadlincote along with the details of the loan. As it contains all the key facts on the mortgage in Swadlincote, it is usually called a key facts illustration.

European Standard Information Sheet
The European Standard Information Sheet provides s standard format of pre-contractual information that needs to be provided by a lender while issuing a mortgage in Swadlincote. The Mortgages Conduct of Business (MCOB) rules of FCA mandates every lender provide this document to their clients.

Factors to be considered before choosing a mortgage in Swadlincote:

What most people look for while going for a mortgage in Swadlincote is a low-interest rate. However, there are many other important factors that need to be considered before making a choice.

Some of the important factors are listed as under:

APRC: (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge): APRC is calculated by expressing the amount of mortgage in Swadlincote fees and interest rate as a percentage.
Deposit size: Generally lower interest rates are available with higher deposit amounts.
The standard rate: It is the rate your mortgage in Swadlincote will switch to once the fixed-rate deal ends.
Duration of interest?: Whether interest will be charged daily, monthly, or annually? Daily interest generally works out cheaper.
Flexibility of repayments: Can you overpay your mortgage in Swadlincote before time without being charged? Can you take a break from making payments if at any time you are amidst a financial crisis?


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