Finding reliable mortgage brokers can be no less than a hassle if you’re new to the real estate market. The market is flooded with thousands of various brokers and advisors ready to offer you dozens of contracts, which can get overwhelming for first-timers and even those who are already acquainted with every nook and cranny of the mortgage industry. However, the Mortgage Brokers Directory can help sort out the inconvenience of searching for a mortgage by displaying everything there is to know under one roof.

Furthermore, we’re here to help you understand what a mortgage broker is? What do they do? Why use a mortgage broker? And how to choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements.

What is a Mortgage Broker? 

A person that will search and review the mortgages available in the UK based on your financial circumstances and apply on your behalf is known as a mortgage broker or a mortgage advisor. These brokers save up a lot of time by informing you about potential lenders that are most likely to accept you. In addition, they also aid in improving your applications and quickly deal with all the paperwork process, so you don’t have to deal with them on your own.

Why should you opt for a Mortgage Broker?

Opting for a broker can liberate you plenty of time and effort. These mortgage brokers get designed to take care of the whole situation, from searching for a deal to filling up the application forms and communicating with the lenders on your behalf.

These brokers have proficient knowledge about mortgages and industry. Therefore, they can recommend the perfect deals that suit your situation. Mortgage brokers also have access to specific software that allows them to search in-depth contract deals quickly and more efficiently than you could yourself.

why choose mortgage adviser

The best mortgage broker is well aware of lenders that will most likely accept you. In addition to this, they also aid in stopping you from filling out contracts that are far-fetched. Furthermore, one advantage of applying for a broker is that if a mortgage turns out unfitting, the client has the right to file a report against the broker. As a result, it helps get your money back, or it can also aid in fishing out more lenders and deals until you’re satisfied.

How to select the perfect Mortgage Broker

  1. Online Broker System 

    While several mortgage brokers deal with face-to-face clients and companies, a majority of websites now offer online mortgage brokers. As a result, it is a faster and reliable source of house-hunting if considering you’re too busy to meet up with an actual advisor physically.                                                                                          You can find thousands of online brokers with reviews and feedbacks from other clients they’ve hosted. Also, you can check out their entire work history and success and make a quick decision on which broker you are willing to work with. Finally, it can help save time and effort in setting up real-time meetings and lunches. So book your online mortgage broker, fill in your details and financial statements, and leave the rest up to the professional.

  2. Have a ‘Look-out’ for Whole-of market Brokers

    Before choosing a mortgage advisor in the UK, numerous things need to get considered. One of the most critical aspects is whether they are whole-of-market. Being a whole-of-market broker means that a specific broker has a profound knowledge of the entire mortgage industry.

    A typical broker will most likely recommend deals available from the local panel. In contrast, an advisor who resides in a building or a bank can only advise you according to their respective designations. However, a whole-of-market mortgage broker is well aware of the real estate market across the UK, and he will be the best choice to guide you towards the mortgage that will result in the best-case scenario relevant to your search.

  3. Ask Your Broker about direct-only mortgages.

    Usually, mortgages are available only through mortgage brokers. However, there are some deals available for clients to opt for without a broker. These are called direct-only mortgages. Primarily brokers are not obligated to inform you about these deals as the client can apply to them directly.
    However, there’s no harm in asking your mortgage advisor these deals if you are willing to apply to them yourself. A client can research these mortgages themselves if a broker is hesitant or unwilling to inform you about them.

How Can a Mortgage Broker Help?

Before scaling down the ideal mortgage deals, a devoted advisor will take the time out to learn about you thoroughly. Following if you’re happy with the recommendations we’ve provided, you’ll get handed over to the designated client relationship manager (CRM), who will further take care of the entire mortgage process on your behalf.

Unlike other broker companies, arranging mortgages isn’t the only thing Mortgage Broker Directory does. We aid our clients through the entire House and property-buying expedition.

Our brokers are passionate about providing you with protection cover, insurance, and attorneys.

Vital Questions to Ask a Mortgage Broker 

Before closing a deal with any mortgage broker, it is necessary to ask them a few crucial questions that are helpful long-term and can help run smoothly. Following are the question that every client should ask before closing a deal with their broker.

  • Can you tell me about mortgages that are available directly from lenders?
  • Are you a Whole-of-market broker?
  • What do your services include? For instance, will you handle the admins and chase lenders yourself?
  • What time are you available? During office hours? Or weekends?
  • How much do you charge? Your fees and commission rates?

Common mortgage term to understand 

If you’re relatively new to the mortgage industry or your first time meeting a mortgage broker, there are specific terms that everyone should be aware of in the mortgage business.

  • Early repayment charges (ERCs): these are penalty fees that you’d have to pay if you leave the mortgage deal before a specific time
  • Standard variable rate (SVR): this stands for what the lenders will charge you after the initial period of your mortgage ends.
  • Freehold and leasehold: These are the two different forms of property ownership.
  • Agreement in principle (AIP): This document you will receive from the lenders, confirming how much they are willing to pay you.

What to look forward to in a Mortgage Deal 

mortgage brokers deal

Once the whole deal gets done. Your mortgage broker will talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each deal. Before signing off, think about the following aspects:

  • whether you want a discount, fixed-rate, or a tracker mortgage
  • What is the cost of mortgage fees?
  • Whether this mortgage provides cash backs or other incentives
  • What are the lender’s reputation and customer service quality?

The Clients Rights during a Mortgage Deal 

A client needs to understand and be well aware of his rights and role in this entire workflow before closing a deal with his broker. Therefore, we have a list of rights provided to every client from his broker in the whole mortgage deal.

  • Explore your situation in depth
  • Explain every single deal and various types of mortgages there are thoroughly
  • Give an unbiased opinion on the ones that meet your needs fully
  • Offer you reasonable, adequate reasons why they’re recommending a particular deal.

However, if clients think they’ve received bad advice, they can make a formal complaint regarding a mortgage broker and choose someone else on their behalf.

Why should you choose Mortgage Brokers Directory?

While interacting with a broker from our Mortgage Brokers Directory, you are given the confidence of knowing that your broker is a well-qualified top-notch professional who knows what he’s doing. Additionally, our brokers also provide you with the best deals considering your situation and financial conditions.

Our company will deal with the entire process from beginning to end. Our advisors are also communicating with the lenders on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our goal is to offer a fast, reliable, and effortless solution to our clients that will further lead us to a long-term contract, which ensures that we will be your first choice for the years to come. Ready to get started Contact us at