When it comes to homeownership, finding your dream house is only half the struggle. The second side of the equation is determining how to finance your purchase through a mortgage. Most individuals will experience stress as a result of this. And quite rightly so.

To get your finances in order, you’ll need to do a lot of planning, documentation, and, most importantly, patience. You must provide the greatest financial picture possible to lenders. After you’ve prepared for it, the next step is to look for a place to get a home mortgage. Most home purchasers can work with either a direct lender or a mortgage broker.

Direct mortgage lenders and brokers are not the same things, contrary to common assumptions. They differ substantially, and recognizing these major distinctions can help you decide which one is best for you.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

mortgage broker

A mortgage broker is a middleman who administers the mortgage lending procedure for individuals. Essentially, they link mortgage lenders and borrowers without spending their own capital to do so.

Mortgage brokers educate themselves on the client’s financial situation and seek to match them with a lender who is a good fit and offers a good interest rate to the customer.

Ideally, the mortgage broker gathers all required documents from the borrower and forwards them to the potential lender for processing and/or approval.

What is a Direct Lender?

direct lenders

Any financial firm that can issue mortgages directly to borrowers without the need of middlemen is considered a direct mortgage lender.

The application procedure distinguishes brokers from lenders. When you engage with a direct lender, you apply directly with their firm rather than through an intermediary or “middleman.”

Mortgage Broker vs. Direct Lenders

Legislative reforms have resulted in tighter restrictions regarding mortgage affordability tests, mortgage broker credentials, and the information borrowers must disclose about their services and costs.

Since the reforms, both lenders and brokers must consider your financial status and analyze your affordability when recommending suitable mortgages for you.

While this legal change has made it more difficult to acquire a mortgage, it has also made using a broker considerably safer. You can now have confidence that they will do a thorough financial evaluation and, as a result, guide you in the direction of a variety of mortgages that you will almost likely be eligible for.

With the high cost of purchasing your first home or relocating, it may be tempting to investigate what appears to be the less expensive alternative of applying for a mortgage with your current bank or going directly to another lender for your mortgage.

Avoiding broker fees now, however, might cost you hundreds of pounds in the long run if you wind up with a poorer mortgage offer than a broker could negotiate for you.

Even if you are well-versed in the mortgage industry, you may be missing out if you do not use a broker, as some have access to a wider variety of mortgages and unique agreements with lenders.

They may also help you speed up the application process by getting you properly prepared and directing you to mortgages that you are likely to be approved for.

While working with a direct lender, you are restricted to the lender’s own products. Some lenders may only provide one type of loan. If the requirements are strict, and you don’t satisfy them, you’re out of luck. They won’t be able to offer you anything else.

Know that if you aren’t accepted by one lender and then go to another looking for approval and aren’t approved, numerous credit inquiries might lower your credit score at a time when you most need a high score to get the best interest rate. Before conducting credit checks with a lender, a broker should have a clear sense of how you’ll qualify.


 Keeping in mind the aforementioned discussion, we suggest you work with a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker has access to numerous lenders; he may also be a suitable alternative for people who do not match the traditional borrower profile and want access to more options in order to locate the correct product.  

Furthermore, working with a mortgage broker saves you a significant amount of time in the long run. Their years of expertise will not allow you to stray needlessly and will provide you with the finest loan in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, remortgaging, purchasing a new property, or searching for a buy-to-let mortgage, Mortgage Brokers Directory (MBD) can help you locate highly competitive mortgage brokers who provide unbiased and detailed mortgage advice.