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First of all, what is a key worker? To get an exact definition, contact your local HomeBuy Agent, but in general terms you would have to be working as one of the following: police officer, fire officer, prison officer, be a nurse, midwife, occupational therapist or social worker, or a member of the armed forces in the lower, non-commissioned ranks. In other words you are essential to your community but in certain areas may not be earning enough to buy a home there. To find out who your local HomeBuy agent is, email letting him know your area.

The government now makes its first time buyer schemes available to low income households as well as key workers so there is more competition for funds and property.

The government's key worker scheme at the moment is predominantly available to key workers in certain parts of the country, such as London and the Home Counties, plus parts of Eastern England. You would need to contact your local HomeBuy Agent for the area in which you live to discover whether you are eligible. and to obtain details of how the scheme works in your area.  

If you are a key worker you may be living in key worker accommodation or you may be a key worker renting privately.

Either way, there are a number of key worker schemes aimed at you. You can find out more about them and whether you might qualify for a key worker home by following the key worker living links below.

A number of first time buyer mortgages have been launched specifically for key workers - outside of the HomeBuy scheme. Seek mortgage advice to find out more about these targeted first time buyer key worker mortgages. Request a quote for legal services.

Main key Worker Homes Schemes:

If you are a key worker you may find that you are eligible for a specialist  key worker mortgage which can be used either within one of these schemes or indeed out side the HomeBuy key worker schemes. To find out, take key worker mortgage advice.

To find the best key worker scheme for you, and if you qualify for key worker properties, contact your local HomeBuy Agent

Useful websites for keyworker homes: – the government's main site with information about housing – offers a range of government information and services, including for housing 

Find your local HomeBuy agents:

HomeBuy Agents are located across the country. Find the HomeBuy Agent nearest to you by emailing 

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